Cruzat Beer House Song (Tersivel) Letra

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Cruzat Beer House
Bring us da pints!!!
Day has gone and the party has begun
Every night drinking in the tavern
Where the music always sounds
And the beers are always cold
There, we are young
Lai, lai, lai .
Rise your pint at Cruzat Beer House
Our shelter in Buenos Aires
Where musicians love to play
'Till the morning' as they say
Now, one for them!
Lai, lai, lai .

May some beer clean your mind
Let the pain fly away from your soul
And forget that pretty girl
Who is now in other bed
Drink with your friends!
Lai, lai, lai .
No tradition is that old
As the rise of the pints so high
Is Sláinte for the Irish
For the Germans ist Prost
Here is SALUD - SALUD!
Lai, lai, lai.

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