War Begins (Tengwar) Letra

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See all Middle-Earth bleed in pain.
The dark stain of Sauron spoil the land.
The horde of the cruel Uruk Hai
Their iron boots fastened again!

The trolls of coarse evil minds.
The vultures high in the sky.
The wolves in the forests, the tortures and death,
The terrors of Sauron returned!

Oh! People, believe what I say:
The quest for the Ring for the One, begins...
The nine Nazgull Lords rise again,
Black riders, hungry for their prey!

The Captains of Barád Dür,
Defenders of Mordor's Gate,
Are riding and flying in search of the One,
Under the spell of the Nine!

Bilbo met Gollum and the Master-Ring,
His part is already done!

Oh Gandalf's advice

His heir Frodo rose
A chain with the One
Hanging from his neck...

From the still of the Shire
Through dangerous stands,
With foes close behind
He shall go to the dark!

Fast he'll march, far to East,
Last hope for us all to get rid of the Ring...

There's no choice!!

Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry left all
The Shire, the beloved Hobbiton!

Bearer of the One Ring, you shan't be alone
The King shall return from the past!

The once broken sword,
The white leafy tree
Be risen again
From the dust of time

At Rivendell's halls
The Council has met.
There Elrond and Gandalf
Show the master plan

Hobbits, Men, Elves and Dwarves
Shall face the Black Lord in the War of the Ring...

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