Marching South (Tengwar) Letra

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We'll make the road to the cracks of doom
On the bearer's path, nine of many kinds?
We're the company of the ring,
The great gandalf shall be our guide!

Fair have been the days here in imladris
Many and long the meetings in these halls
But now the time has come for the bearer of the ring
And the rest of us to make our trip?

From the peaceful nights of sweet rivendell
To the mysterious lórien the fair?
Through the plains of the horsemen's land,
Dear gandalf please guide us all!

Frodo showed at the council the bane of isildur
And the burden was then laid on him
Riddles made by the ancient in distant elder days
Give us hope to face the enemy?

In a perilous journey the council resolved
To put we nine
In the path only valiant or fools take we march to keep the ring
We are to face the dark alone?

The bearer is marching with his servant and two friends
Hobbits from the shire, four of the little folk
A dwarf with an axe and an elf with arrow and bow
A man from gondor and a dunedain

Commanding us a wizard stands
The pilgrim of uncounted roads
Commanding us a wizard stands
A master on the ancient lore

Farewell to rivendell, farewell to bilbo's songs
Farewell to days of joy, farewell to meals and tales,
Farewell to healing peace, farewell to elrond's house
Farewell to days of wait, farewell, yes, farewell!

We're marching to the south fast and proud
Through the rivers deep and the mountains tall?
We're the company of the ring,
The great gandalf is our guide!

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