In the Land of the Golden Trees (Tengwar) Letra

Tamaño de la fuente



Lórien, secret of the elves
Hidden kingdom of wisdom and peace
Longing songs from beyond the sea
To no mortal ever revealed

Oh galadriel, glorious queen
Be our guide, our light in the dark
Oh celeborn, lord of the woods
Be the host to our mortal tears

Lothlórien of the golden trees
Lothlórien, shall you heal our wounds
Lothlórien of the gentle breeze
Lothlórien, in your halls so fair? (in your halls please, shelter us!)

Gandalf gave his life and saves
The fellowship
So they came to lórien
Eight without ninth...

And the lady rose then mighty
In the night, under the stars
In her mirror's waters - deep and dark -
Frodo saw... the eye

The lady caught the light
Of the eve-star in her hand
Elbereth on that ring
And a secret is revealed

Tall and pale stood the queen,
Powerful enough to take the one

From the bearer's hands

A small frodo offered the queen:
"take the ring, you're fearless and wise"
She laughed then, eager for the one
As she felt the lust in her heart

But the queen of terrible height
Turned to a simple sad lady there
As she won the battle inside
Thus the bearer his burden kept

Lothlórien of the golden glare
Lothlórien, who shall heal our wounds
Lothlórien, mighty, proud and fair
Lothlórien, when your time has gone?

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