Fire and Shadow Defied (Tengwar) Letra

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The words on the stone are so clear
The great king of moria lies here
It's a cruel destiny...
(cruel destiny)

Dwarf warriors dead everywhere
Had orkish arrows brought death?

They lie abandoned as they died
Why does the book tell "it's coming, we're lost"?

Watch out!

Orcs are coming with drums of doom
(we must get out, we must get out!)

Run in the dark
As in deeps below
Something dwells...

I know the way we must take
Beyond the stairs there's a bridge
That leads to the door that we search
We must descend...

Silent and fast we must be
The orcs are just behind us
There is no escape we are caught
Is this the end?

Feared orcs!
They run!

Something worst's been awaken here
(run to the bridge, run to the bridge!)

"run for your lives
As you cannot help,
I must stay..."

Defying shadow and fire
"you shall not pass" gandalf cries

The bridge's falling, balrog's lost
But his last whiplash takes bold gandalf too

Alone we must reach lórien
We've lost in the abyss of flames
Gandalf our guide and friend...
(our guide and friend)

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